This is a roof surface treatment chemical, a mixture containing earth metals salts of strontium, Barium and calcium (Soft, silver-white metallic elements) These combined elements naturally act as reflector to sun-lights and convert the applied surface as an insulator automatically. An organic binder poly urethane is used to apply this chemical on the surface. Poly Urethane is a transparent non toxic and CFC free binder, normally used in marine applications.

During the peak day time like 11:00 am to 4:00 pm heat produced the surface of the roof because of the sunlight. After absorbing, it transfers this heat to the steel structure and underneath. In results the temperature accumulates under the roof structure takes too much time to become normal. It is essential to protect the roof surface from sunlight with any thing which is economical and durable to cop this problem. Our heat resistance chemical is capable to reflect all sunrays coming to the roof surface and it dose not allow the surface to become warm. As result, it saves from extra temperature, produced under the roof and keeps it ambient. So that the Fans do not throw the warm air and the Air Conditions do not take too much time to minimize the room temperature. This means that the electricity consumption will be reduced minimum up to 40%.


White color seal all heat penetrating ways.


Support Water Proofing partly. No subject to climatic restraints. No adverse effect on surface.


Reflect max sun rays, stop reflection, non toxic. Rooms remains cool without air condition, increase 50% air condition working & minimize the electricity bill up to 40%.


Pure active chemical with photo reflector